Garage Builders Who Put Richfield, MN, Homeowners First

Garage Builders Richfield MNSome garage builders seem to be under the impression cookie-cutter structures that come in just a few variations are all that’s needed to satisfy homeowners in Richfield, Minnesota. These builders view a garage as little more than an oversized shed, something to be thrown together as quickly as possible out of prefabricated—and often times poorly constructed—sections before insisting the finished product is exactly what their clients had in mind.

At Purpose Driven Restoration (PDR), we take pride in holding ourselves to a higher standard than other garage builders. We approach every project in Richfield, MN, as if it were the most important job we’ve ever done. And it is! When you choose PDR to construct your garage, you’ll be assigned a project manager who will visit your home to learn what you are envisioning for your new addition and how you plan on using it. A few of the factors that will be taken into consideration are:

  • Storage requirements—Whether you’re hoping to shelter a single vehicle, a car and a boat, an RV, or multiple vehicles, we can configure a structure to perfectly accommodate your needs.
  • Structural preferences—Attached garages offer convenience and protection from the weather when entering the home, while detached structures can provide privacy and the opportunity for additional usages such as upstairs apartments or lofts.
  • Design sensibilities—Roofing materials, sidings, window treatments, and entranceways can all be tailored to reflect your personal taste and complement your home’s architectural style.

Once you’ve hammered out all the details with your PDR project manager and are satisfied with the subsequent blueprint designs and price quote, our experienced team of garage builders will construct your new addition with unrivaled craftsmanship and precision. Call Purpose Driven Restoration today to learn more about what makes us the garage builders of choice for homeowners in Richfield, MN, and surrounding communities.