Want to Have Vinyl Siding Installed on Your Home in Bloomington, MN? Turn to Purpose Driven Restoration

Vinyl Siding Bloomington MNVinyl siding can be an excellent option for the exterior of your home in Bloomington, Minnesota. It is a type of cladding that is cost-effective and requires little maintenance. At Purpose Driven Restoration, we sell and install vinyl panels that are proven to look great and hold up well over time, so your home will have the long-lasting attractive appearance that you desire.

When thinking about how you want to renovate the exterior of your home, consider these benefits of our vinyl siding:

  • It is available in multiple profile styles and a wide variety of beautiful colors, so you can create the exact look you envision for your home in Bloomington, MN.
  • Certain styles are made in 16-foot lengths, which can minimize the number of seams on your home’s exterior, making the exterior of your home more attractive.
  • Our vinyl siding has a special foam backing that will help insulate the indoor space, block noise infiltration, and increase the impact resistance of the siding.
  • A heavy-duty, fold-over nail helm will help keep the siding firmly secured to your home, so it will stay in place even during extreme weather.

In addition to vinyl siding, we also offer a popular type of engineered wood siding called LP® SmartSide®. This composite siding has the texture and beauty of wood, but none of the upkeep requirements. For instance, it will never rot or suffer insect damage like natural wood siding. We are proud to offer LP® SmartSide® in addition to vinyl panels so that you have multiple types of cladding to choose from.

For more information about our vinyl siding or LP® SmartSide® siding, contact Purpose Driven Restoration today. We would be happy to answer any questions you have so that you can make an informed investment in your Bloomington, MN, home.